Walk with Wally

Practical Spiritual Guidance for Analytical Minds

"There is no greater investment you will ever make than the investment in yourself because in the end you'll be better at everything you do..." - Michael Singer, Developing the Will to Transform from Within

Why work with Wally?

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it, and embrace them." - Rumi

What do you offer?

“I can do nothing for you but work on myself... you can do nothing for me but work on yourself!” - Ram Dass, Be Here Now


Ginger Cervantes

Teacher and Stay at Home Mom

"Michael has a rare ability to hold space with an unassuming, gentle approach. His genuine compassion and intuitive insight have helped me release negative feelings and beliefs and I now feel open toward ALL aspects of life. It has been transformational!

Prior to working with Michael, I felt stifled by my negative self-talk and emotions. I had spent some years in traditional therapy and working with spiritual teachers (all of which helped somewhat),  but felt stuck and plateaued.  I knew how I wanted to feel and act, but in daily life I could not escape the constant inner self-critic.

After working with Michael I feel a deep love toward myself that I’ve never had before! He has guided me through a simple release technique, and I finally understand how to allow those negative parts to be seen and let go of,  instead of only judging myself.

Previously, most of my inner work was intellectualized.  With Michael, I learned to lead myself out of the stream of thoughts and into my body sensations. This has led to lasting changes in the way I handle my emotions. My inner world has become lighter and happier. Outwardly, I have become more kind, happy and patient with my children and daily life challenges.

Michael is the real deal, he provides a warm, safe space that allows me to dive into the scarier inner world that I had not accessed working with anyone else. I also just love his mid-week check in emails!  They keep me encouraged, on track, and I feel how much he genuinely cares for my growth and well-being."

Jacob Connell

Board Certified Anesthesiologist

 “I am incredibly grateful for the transformative experience I've had working with Michael Wally.

Prior to starting to work with Michael, I read many books and listened to many podcasts, but I struggled to apply my knowledge into a meaningful spiritual practice. Michael has been instrumental in bridging that gap. His guidance and support have made all the difference in translating theory into a practical, enriching journey.

What sets Michael apart is his unique gift of creating a safe and supportive space for exploration and growth. I truly feel like we're walking the path together, and his vulnerability in sharing his own journey adds an authentic and inspiring element to our sessions.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Walk with Wally is the diverse range of philosophical and spiritual approaches Michael incorporates. As someone with a scientific perspective, I deeply appreciate how he embraces and accommodates my beliefs, making the experience both enriching and fulfilling.

I respect and trust Michael immensely. His genuine care for my well-being, combined with his expertise, has allowed me to open up and explore aspects of spirituality I had previously been hesitant about. His non-judgmental and compassionate approach creates a space where I feel safe to share my thoughts and emotions without hesitation.

Michael has a unique ability to help me get out of my head and into my heart and body. Through his guidance, I've learned to embody my spiritual practice and experience a profound connection with myself and the world around me.

The recaps of our sessions and the video and audio recordings Michael shares have been invaluable in reinforcing the teachings and allowing me to revisit insights at any time. Additionally, his midweek check-ins show a level of care and dedication that goes above and beyond.

Thanks to Michael and Walk with Wally, I've found a harmonious balance between spirituality and my busy lifestyle, and I can't recommend him enough. He is a gifted teacher and coach who will undoubtedly guide you towards a more enlightened and fulfilling life.”

Elliot Kim

Classical Pianist / Receiving Inspector II, Advanced Bionics Valencia

 “I have been working with Mike for several months and wanted to share a few words. It has been a remarkable time that has helped me gain a deeper insight into the mind/body somatic connection, trauma and how all of this can affect healthy, well-sustained living.

Speaking to Mike prior to starting the sessions was remarkable - a means to address trauma and blocks that can hinder one's happiness. The premise seemed enticing: certain traumatic memories and experiences from one's past can have a lasting, hindering effect upon ideal, optimum living. Just the fact that there was a means to address these blockages in a simple but powerful way was amazing, but Mike has shared this in a profound way. By dealing with some of these blockages allows for more relief, release and flow into one’s life.

I think we can all relate to past trauma. In certain aspects of my life I felt stuck in what seemed an insurmountable way. Issues related to growing up, feelings of exclusion, my relationship to my father are some examples. Prior to some of the work with Mike, I assumed the difficulties attendant to these issues as just past experiences that one goes through and that was it. I had not assumed these issues to linger and perhaps even fester in the body. I discovered some of these triggering causes could stretch back years, even decades.

What is remarkable is once these techniques are applied, what seemed difficult, uncomfortable experiences seemed to dissipate of its own accord, nearly effortlessly. In many sessions, I would feel an almost instantaneous sense of relief and release from a certain traumatic experience that lodged in the body. Using some of the simplest tools and techniques imaginable, I have discovered a release from tension and anxiety I would not have thought possible. It is in stark contrast to the numerous times where attempting to forge through a problem by sheer will power ends up being futile and exhausting. If you get caught up in this vicious cycle, it is truly difficult to imagine a way out; but Mike has discovered a hopeful way through the impasse. As a means to resolve these conflicts latent in the body, I think these tools are unparalleled in simplicity and efficacy.

Mike is a compassionate listener who provides a safe, conducive environment through which I get to expound on these areas of my life in which I feel stuck or experience some stagnation. I have experienced some amazing results. I would absolutely recommend trying these techniques to promote more flow and ease into your life. You really need to try them for yourself. Thanks Mike!”